Real Estate Law

Issues and disputes involving real estate regularly confront individuals, businesses, and public entities alike.  More often than not, these disputes relate to your most important asset(s). Our skilled and experienced attorneys have successfully resolved several legal issues related to residential and commercial real estate.

Business Law

Regardless of size, businesses are often confronted with a variety of legal issues and disputes from the moment of their inception and throughout their life cycle.  Our attorneys apply extensive legal knowledge, skill, and real world business experience to provide comprehensive business law and litigation representation.

Family Law

Divorce, child custody, or any other family law matter can be one of the most emotionally trying and difficult life challenges that you may face. The resolution of your case will have a lasting impact on your children, finances and family structure. Having the right strategy can put you on the road to successfully resolving these challenges.

Personal Injury

A personal injury caused by someone else’s negligence or intentional conduct could strike at any minute. The impacts are often devastating physically, emotionally, and financially.  The attorneys at Angelo & White have obtained favorable awards for clients in several areas of personal injury and product liability law.